Who are Quakers?

The full name for Quakers is The Religious Society of Friends, often just called ‘Friends’.

Quakers share a way of life rather than a set of beliefs. We seek to experience God directly, within ourselves and in our relationships with others and the world around us. These direct encounters with the Divine are where Quakers find meaning and purpose.

Although Quakers have been around since the 1650s, our faith is modern and contemporary in its approach. The Quaker way has its roots in Christianity and finds inspiration in the Bible and the life and teachings of Jesus. Quakers also find meaning and value in the teachings of other faiths; we acknowledge that ours is not the only way. Our focus is on our experience rather than written statements of belief. Our sense of community does not depend on professing identical beliefs, but from worshipping, sharing and working together.

We try and live our values and express this witness as testimonies. Our most important testimonies are those of Truth and Integrity, Justice and Equality, Simplicity and Peace.

We have no clergy, our meetings are run by our members and attenders, all on a voluntary basis. Our Meetings for Worship are held in silence unless one of those present feels the spirit moves them to speak.


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