Soup and Roll Rota

Thank you to everyone who feels able to volunteer to make soup and help in the kitchen for our Monthly Soup and a Roll where we share a meal together.

A few useful pointers:-
• We serve soup on the last Sunday of every month except for August.
• Two of the Social Committee will always aim to be there, or if not then someone who is experienced in working in the kitchen and knows the “rules”! (Or at least how to turn the dishwasher on!)
• We will provide the bread and spread.
• We try to ensure that our soups are vegetarian and when possible both dairy and gluten free. One large saucepan full is about 8 pints/4.5litres (ish).
• Please find out who you are on Soup duty with and co-ordinate your soup making so that they are different.
• We aim to serve from about 12.00 and finish by 1.00. Please help with the preparation and clearing away if you can.
• The rota will be available on the Warwick Quaker website.
• If for any reason you are unable to help as agreed please contact one of the social committee. John. Stella or Paula.