Welcomers’ Rota

17th March
Diana Biddlestone and Joanna Hardcastle
24th March
Helen Pemberton and Jane Beale
31st March
Rob or Helen Hooper and Stella or Paul Rutter
7th April
Ruth Gaston and Dave Rawcliffe

Welcoming at Warwick Quaker Meeting

Thank you for agreeing to welcome those coming to Meeting for Worship. We hope you enjoy the experience.


Keys, milk, biscuits (ideally Fairtrade), flowers and a friendly welcome are the essentials. Tea and coffee is already provided in the cupboard. Do not hesitate to ask the Treasurer if you would like to be reimbursed for these costs.
Sunday is the Warden’s day off and it is important that one of you arrange to collect the keys from the previous welcomers before your turn; please do not leave this until the last minute.

Before the Meeting

When you arrive, by 10.00 a.m. at the latest, please collect the boards from the library or broom cupboard in the Common Room that direct people to the garden entrance and fix one to the railings by the front door step and one to the garden gates. Then set out cups on the common room table and fill the kettles (leads are kept in the drawer).
Check seating in the meeting room and, put on foyer lights (switch just inside the double doors on the left as you enter). Arrange flowers and books (from the central table drawer). These include: The Bible, Quaker Faith and Practice and Advices and Queries.
Put out Quaker leaflets, including ‘Your first time in a Quaker Meeting’, the Visitors Book, the three bowls for meeting collections and the Hearing Assistance Headsets on the foyer table. The latter are in the cupboard under the gallery behind the curtain.
Switch on the hearing loop (switch by the thermostat on the fireplace wall) and plug in the microphone kept in the drawer of the lmv table in the Meeting House.
Welcome those arriving at the garden entrance from 10.00 a.m. onwards. If you feel that they are attending a Quaker Meeting for the first time, ask, and offer some literature. Encourage those in the Common Room to move quietly into the meeting in good time, so the meeting is settled by 10.30 a.m.
After 5 minutes or so, when you join the meeting, make sure the inner garden door is closed and sit where you can see it to welcome late-comers. The outer door is left open unless the weather is inclement. Remember if you chat to each other outside to do so quietly as you can be heard in the Meeting House.

After the Meeting

Leave quietly at the close of the meeting, before notices, to prepare coffee, tea, fruit drinks and biscuits. Please ensure that at least one person keeps vigilant to serve latecomers for drinks and there is plenty of hot water.
Wash up and put dried items away, return books to the table drawer and the outside boards to the Library. Pass the key on to the next weeks welcomer or arrange to do so later.
Check that all doors are locked (the Meeting House door, the front door to the street and the Cafe door to the
garden). Check that lights are switched off and the premises are secure when you leave, or ensure that someone else will do this (not the Warden). This is important as it is our collective responsibility on Sundays for the good care of the premises.

PLEASE NOTE: Reminders of welcoming dates are in the Friendly Link and on the Notice Board in the Common Room. If you find that you are unable to keep to an agreed date, please arrange to swap with another Welcomer if it is at all possible, before contacting the Welcoming Co-ordinators.

Wendy Edwards & Ann James – Current Welcoming Co-ordinators