Children’s Meeting

At Warwick Children’s Meeting, we spend 45 minutes together and then join the main Meeting for our final 15 minutes. We enjoy a range of creative activities developing the children’s and young people’s understanding of the Quaker way. If you’re under 16, we’d love to see you at our welcoming and Friendly Meeting!

Our current theme: Daughters of Eve: Strong Women of the Bible. CYPC will leave 2 copies of this book in the Children’s Library. It is a fabulous book so you may want to buy your own second hand or new copy.


Children’s Rota for Children’s Meeting


Date Topic Topic Leader Supporter
4th March Journeys in the Light (book
available from Anna): The
Meg Harper Ann James
11th March The Jews in Egypt – Miriam(older children); Annie Pettifer Wendy Edwards
Activity Time (younger children). Leader needed John Harding
18th March The Land of Midian – Zipporah Leader needed Jane Beale
25th March Passover and Exodus – Miriam and Moses Ann James Marian Millington
1st April All Age Worship

The topic leader has main responsibility for preparing the topic. However we would encourage the topic leader and supporter to chat a few days beforehand; great ideas result and the session usually flows so much better.
If you feel led to help with the children’s programme, please contact Annie Pettifer, convenor of CYPC.
All helpers need to be cleared by the Disclosure and Barring Service, but this is not a painful process!

                                                                                               John Sheldon, Anna Edelsten